The Best Texture Packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

12 December, 2022

The Best Texture Packs for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft, one the most popular survival sandbox games, is available on many platforms. The Bedrock Edition version of Minecraft is available on most mobile devices, tablets, and consoles. This version is slightly different than the Java Edition because it has some limitations and extra features.

Bedrock is said to offer a smoother Minecraft experience than Java. However, it is lacking in modded content. There are some cool things that even Bedrock players can do to make their game more colorful, such as texture packs. These can really change the way the game feels. These are 10 of our favorite Minecraft Bedrock texture packs.

15 Modern Textures HD

The game has always had a natural, almost medieval appearance. Because Minecraft has features such as redstone and magic, it is difficult to place it in any period. Modern looks are possible, however.

Modern Textures HD from Imagiverse accomplishes this brilliantly by giving the game a high-definition and realistic look as well as changing the appearance of the blocks. This is a great tool for modern builders who want to create modern builds.

14 Pure BDCraft

Minecraft is a vibrant and almost cartoonish looking game. There are a few Minecraft Bedrock texture pack that bring cartoon and comic books to Minecraft.

Pure BDCraft texture packs transform every block and mob into something that looks like a comic book. This Bedrock texture pack is great for players who want mobs with personality.

13 HorrorCraft

Minecraft Bedrock texture pack from GoE-Craft brings fall and all its horrors right to the player's doorstep. Halloween can now be any day of the year.

Each block and mob is tailored to fit a terrifying horror theme. This will transform a peaceful game into something frightening. The textures are very detailed and even mundane objects like plants will be enhanced to deliver the horror experience.

12 John Smith Legacy

The John Smith Legacy texture set has a wonderful backstory and is beautiful. It was loved by many fans when it was first created, but the original creator stopped updating. It's now maintained by a group members of the community!

However, the most important thing is how it looks. This texture pack gives your creations a medieval look that will be appreciated by both novice and advanced players.

11 Epic Adventures

This texture pack was released in 2017 but don't be alarmed! It is still being updated today. Although it is still a work in progress, it is already quite impressive.

This style is realistic so you might need slightly more tech but not too much. You might prefer to use cartoonish or artistic styles over realistic ones, but this is definitely worth a try.

10 KingdomCraft

This Minecraft Bedrock texture pack from GoE-Craft is not for builders. It's great for players who want an adventure map or a RPG in the game.

Every mob now has a new look that suits a medieval fantasy world. Additionally, blocks have been upgraded to make it easier to build massive castles and other medieval structures.

9 Paper Cut-Out

The Paper Cut-Out Minecraft Bedrock texture packs is a great addition to any game. It's a more detailed, but still vibrant, cartoon-like pack that will give your game a cartoon-like appearance. This pack adds a little more depth to the blocks in the game without straining the computer.

The way that leaves and plants look is one of the most striking aspects. The texture pack gives plants a clean, playful appearance.

8 Kawaii World

MaRiieCx's Kawaii World Minecraft Bedrock textures pack is pink and adorable. This texture pack contains everything one could possibly imagine changing. Wood planks suddenly take on a pink hue, and even hostile mobs suddenly appear innocent and cute.

This texture pack also makes the UI more responsive, so don't be surprised if it's downloaded. A Minecraft world transformed into a dream with the bright, pink and purple colors.

7 New Wayukian

The New Wayukian Minecraft Bedrock textures pack is the best option for a realistic, but still cartoon-like, medieval RPG look. The textures aren't too harsh or dark, but they still have a lively RPG feel.

This texture pack is for players who want to get into Minecraft in a more adventure-oriented way. It changes almost every aspect of Minecraft, from blocks to items to how the mobs appear to you. It's not easy to recognize the game at this point, but it is a nice change.

6 DefaultEx

The original Minecraft experience is loved by most players. Although the default look isn't terrible, it could use some work. Fortunately, the DefaultEx Minecraft Bedrock textures pack does all that and more. Some textures are brand-new, but still easily identifiable. Others have undergone minor tweaks.

This texture pack is perfect for Minecraft players who love Minecraft as it is and don't want to add too much to their game. Its clean appearance makes the game feel fresh.

5 BlockPixel

Minecraft's textures are not all square or blocky. However, they can be improved upon. BlockPixel is exactly that. This Minecraft Bedrock texture pack incorporates the idea blocks and squares into each texture, giving it a completely new look while still maintaining that classic feel of Minecraft.

The colors are vibrant and the blocky textures make everything look just right. Villagers also have a new look that should increase immersion.

4 Hafen

A texture pack like Hafen will be a big hit with Super Mario fans. This texture pack is vibrant and playful, which can change the game quite a bit. It has a clean and cute appearance.

Hafen was the first Minecraft Bedrock texture pack to include the Nether biomes of 1.16. This pack will appeal to retro game lovers.

3 Depixel

The Depixel Minecraft Bedrock texture packs is described as “Minecraft, with a touch of reality” and perfectly describes the feeling of the colors, textures, and patterns within. The game's world is very familiar, with few changes. Many mobs and blocks will receive texture upgrades.

The leaves will be shaped like leaves. Mobs will appear more terrifying and real-looking, but the color schemes will still be very bright and playful. This pack is a nice subtle texture pack that players who are looking for a slight upgrade.

2 Dokucraft

Dokucraft would be the perfect name for Skyrim and Minecraft if they had a baby. Dokucraft texture packs are a favorite among fans of medieval RPGs. They are highly detailed and immersive.

Dokucraft completely transforms the look of the game. The high-quality textures will make the world appear less vibrant but will make items and details look more real and detailed. This is a great way to transform Minecraft into a fantasy RPG in a single session.

1 Zedercraft

The famous Zedercraft Minecraft Bedrock texture packs is for players who don't mind putting their devices under a lot of strain and who want to see the world in its most realistic form. This pack is as real-looking as you can get in Minecraft.

You won't be surprised to learn that many passive tamable animal and mobs will look like real animals. Although it might seem strange at first, it becomes a more enjoyable experience over time and makes the game so unique that it is almost impossible to recognize.