Easiest ways to farm XP in Minecraft

24 January, 2023

Easiest ways to farm XP in Minecraft

Minecraft offers a wide range of XP points. These are experience points that players gain by completing various tasks within the game. These XP points can be used to improve players in many ways. Although gaining XP is a slow process there are many ways to quickly level up.

A player gains XP every time they kill a mob, smelt items, breed or tame mobs, etc.

The XP points can then be used by players to enhance their weapons, armor, and tools. It can also be used to anvil players.

The top 3 fastest ways to get XP in Minecraft (2022).

There are many ways to earn XP points, but here are the best three tips to quickly increase your XP.

3) Destroying Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon is the last boss mob of the game. This beast resides in End realm. After being killed, this mob will drop the most XP orbs. This mob is not the best way of earning XP points but it can give players the most XP points in a single go.

The Ender Dragon drops 12,000 orbs of XP (ten orbs at 960 XP, one at 2400). The Ender Dragon can be respawned by players, but it will only drop 500 points per fight.

2) Spawner XP Farm

Nearly all players have seen a mob-spawner in the game. These spawners can create hostile mobs in darkness and continue to spawn them. Players can also create a XP farm around this spawner block.

Players can increase the size of the dungeon-spawner and move water towards a room to eliminate the mobs. This will allow players to accumulate endless amounts of XP points, as well as tons of items from the mobs.

1) Enderman Farm

Players will see a lot Endermen in the End realm. The Endermen, which are neutral mobs, drop the most XP after death (except boss mobs).

After killing the Ender Dragon, you can build an Enderman farm where all Enderman can escape and be killed. This farm is the best way to quickly increase your XP.